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Tamworth Airport

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Name Tamworth Airport
Region Asia and Pacific
Territory Australia AU.gif
Location Tamworth, New South Wales
Serving Tamworth
Elevation 406.603 m
1,334 ft
1,334 ft406.603 m
Coordinates 31° 4' 40.82" S, 150° 50' 44.90" E
Designator Length Width Surface ROPS
6/24 842 m2,762.467 ft
30 m98.425 ft
GRS yes/yes
12L/30R 2200 m7,217.848 ft
45 m147.638 ft
ASP yes/yes
12R/30L 1110 m3,641.732 ft
18 m59.055 ft
ASP yes/yes
18/36 1020 m3,346.457 ft
30 m98.425 ft
GRS yes/yes

Observation YSTW 200400Z AUTO 21011KT 200V260 9999 // NCD 37/M09 Q1011
Station Tamworth Airport
Date/Time 20 November 2019 04:00:00
Wind direction 210°
Wind speed 11 kts
Lowest cloud amount no clouds detected
Temperature 37°C
Dew point
Humidity 4%
QNH 1011 hPa
Weather condition n/a

Tag(s) Cumulonimbus

A regional airport serving Tamworth, a city in the Australian state of New South Wales. It is located 10 km5.4 nm
10,000 m
32,808.399 ft
from the town centre.


Humid “subtropical” climate (Köppen climate classification Cfa) - characterized by hot, humid summers and cool winters. Significant amounts of precipitation occur in all seasons in most areas. Most summer rainfall occurs during thunderstorms.



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Airport Layout

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Accidents & Serious Incidents at or in vicinity of YSTW

  • DH8C / Vehicle, Tamworth SE Australia, 2008 (On 7 February 2008, an ATC TWR at Tamworth cleared an Eastern Australia Bombardier DHC8-300 for take off having already cleared a bird scaring vehicle onto the same runway. The vehicle was still on the runway at the time of the take off clearance and as the flight crew could see the vehicle, they did not commence take off. The vehicle driver reported having been monitoring the TWR frequency and vacated the runway. The subsequent Investigation noted a record of good competency assessments for the controller involved and found no specific explanation for his lapse.)