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Territory information
Name Tanzania
Territory code HT TZ.gif
Region Africa


Tanzania, officially United Republic of Tanzania, has Dar es Salaam as its capital

Airports in Tanzania

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Accidents in Tanzania

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Operators based in Tanzania

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Airport listing of Tanzania

Abeid Amani Karume International AirportZanzibar54 feet16.459 m
Zanzibar CityUnguja Airport
Arusha AirportArusha4,550 feet1,386.84 m
ArushaArusha Region
Bukoba AirportBukoba3,766 feet1,147.877 m
BukobaKagera Region
Dodoma AirportDodoma3,637 feet1,108.558 m
DodomaDodoma Region
Iringa AirportIringa4,678 feet1,425.854 m
IringaIringa Region
Julius Nyerere International AirportDar es Salaam196 feet59.741 m
Dar es SalaamDar es Salaam Region
Kigoma AirportKigoma2,700 feet822.96 m
UjijiKigoma Region
Kilimanjaro International AirportArusha2,932 feet893.674 m
Boma NgombeKilimanjaro Region
Kilwa Masoko AirportKilwa Masoko59 feet17.983 m
Kilwa MasokoLindi Region
Lake Manyara AirportLake Manyara National Park4,150 feet1,264.92 m
Mto wa MbuArusha Region
Lindi AirportLindi100 feet30.48 m
LindiLindi Region
Mafia AirportMafia Island79 feet24.079 m
Mafia IslandPwani Region
Masasi AirportMasasi1,700 feet518.16 m
MasasiMtwara Region
Mbeya AirportMbeya5,600 feet1,706.88 m
MbeyaMbeya Region
Moshi AirportMoshi2,735 feet833.628 m
MoshiKilimanjaro Region
Mpanda AirportKatavi Region3,565 feet1,086.612 m
MpandaKatavi Region
Mtwara AirportMtwara371 feet113.081 m
MtwaraMtwara Region
Musoma AirportMusoma3,783 feet1,153.058 m
MusomaMara Region
Mwadui AirportWilliamson mine3,970 feet1,210.056 m
MwaduiShinyanga Region
Mwanza AirportMwanza3,763 feet1,146.962 m
MwanzaMwanza Region
Nachingwea AirportNachingwea1,400 feet426.72 m
NachingweaLindi Region
Pemba Airport (Tanzania)Pemba Island80 feet24.384 m
Seronera AirstripSerengeti National Park5,080 feet1,548.384 m
SeroneraMara Region
Shinyanga AirportShinyanga3,800 feet1,158.24 m
IbadakuliShinyanga Region
Songea AirportSongea3,445 feet1,050.036 m
SongeaRuvuma Region
Sumbawanga AirportSumbawanga5,920 feet1,804.416 m
SumbawangaRukwa Region
Tabora AirportTabora3,868 feet1,178.966 m
TaboraTabora Region
Tanga AirportTanga128 feet39.014 m
TangaTanga Region