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Territory information
Name Iraq
Territory code OR IQ.gif
Region Middle East


Iraq, officially Republic of Iraq, has Baghdad as its capital

Airports in Iraq

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Accidents in Iraq

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Operators based in Iraq

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Airport listing of Iraq

Al Asad AirbaseAl Asad616.798 feet188 m
Al Asad
Al Iskandarariyah New AirportAl Iskandarariyah134.514 feet41 m
Al Iskandarariyah, Babil Governorate
Al Kut/Ubaydah Bin Al Jarrah AirportAl Kut6.562 feet2 m
Al Kut, Wasit Governorate
Al Najaf International AirportNajaf0 feet0 m
Al Taqaddum AirbaseAl Taqaddum275.591 feet84 m
Al Taqaddum, Habbaniyah Plateau
An Numaniyah AirportNumananiyah42.651 feet13 m
An Numaniyah
Baghdad International AirportBaghdad114 feet34.747 m
Baghdad, Baghdad Governorate
Balad South East AirportBalad161 feet49.073 m
Balad, Salah ad Din Governorate
Basra International AirportBasra6.562 feet2 m
Basra, Basra Governorate
Erbil International AirportErbil1,341 feet408.737 m
Ankawa, Erbil Governorate
Jalibah Southeast AirportJalibah104.987 feet32 m
Kirkuk AirportKirkuk1,059.711 feet323 m
Kirkuk, Kirkuk Governorate
Mosul International AirportMosul719 feet219.151 m
Mosul, Nineveh Governorate
Qasr Tall Mihl AirportBaghdad114.829 feet35 m
Qaryat ad Duhnah, Baghdad Governorate
Qayyarah AirportQayyarah748.031 feet228 m
Qayyarah, Nineveh Province
Sulaymaniyah International AirportSulaymaniyah2,493.438 feet760 m
Tikrit East AirportTikritEast Tikrit, Salah ad Din Governorate
Tikrit South AirportTikrit SouthTikrit
Umm Qasr AirportUmm Qasr32.808 feet10 m
Umm Qasr