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Territory information
Name Honduras
Territory code MH HN.gif
Region South America and Caribbean


Honduras, officially Republic of Honduras, has Tegucigalpa as its capital

Airports in Honduras

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Accidents in Honduras

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Operators based in Honduras

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Airport listing of Honduras

Ahuas AirportAhuas98 feet29.87 m
AhuasGracias a Dios Department
Brus Laguna AirportBrus Laguna19 feet5.791 m
Brus LagunaGracias a Dios Department
Cauquira AirportCauquira21 feet6.401 m
DapatGracias a Dios Department
Celaque AirportGracias2,995 feet912.876 m
GraciasLempira Department
Copan Ruinas AirportCopan Ruinas2,336 feet712.013 m
Copan RuinasCopan Department
Coyoles AirportCoyoles492 feet149.962 m
CoyolesYoro Department
El Arrayan AirportOlanchito722 feet220.066 m
OlanchitoYoro Department
Erandique AirportErandique4,199 feet1,279.855 m
ErandiqueLempira Department
Golosón International AirportLa Ceiba39 feet11.887 m
La CeibaAtlantida Department
Guanaja AirportGuanaja49 feet14.935 m
GuanajaBay Islands Department
Jicalapa AirportGualaco2,133 feet650.138 m
JicalapaOlancho Department
Juan Manuel Gálvez International AirportRoatan39 feet11.887 m
RoatanBay Islands Department
La Esperanza AirportL Esperanza and Intibuca5,492 feet1,673.962 m
La EsperanzaIntibuca Department
La Union AirportLa Union2,625 feet800.1 m
La UnionOlancho Department
Palacios AirportPalacios18 feet5.486 m
PalaciosGracias a Dios Department
Puerto Lempira AirportPuerto Lempira33 feet10.058 m
Puerto LempiraGracias a Dios Department
Ramón Villeda Morales International AirportSan Pedro Sula89 feet27.127 m
Col IndependenciaCortes Department
Soto Cano Air BaseComayagua2,060 feet627.888 m
PalmerolaComayagua Department
Tela AirportTelaTelaAtlantida Department
Toncontín International AirportTegucigalpa3,297 feet1,004.926 m
TegucigalpaCentral District
Trujillo AirportTrujillo3 feet0.914 m
Playa HuanacaruteColon Department
Utila AirportUtila29 feet8.839 m
UtilaBay Islands Department
Yoro AirportYoro2,215 feet675.132 m
YoroYoro Department