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Terlet Airfield

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Name Terlet Airfield
Region Europe
Territory Netherlands NL.gif
Location Arnhem, Gelderland
Serving Arnhem
Elevation 84.125 m
276 ft
276 ft84.125 m
Type small airport
Coordinates 52° 3' 26.00" N, 5° 55' 28.00" E
Designator Length Width Surface ROPS
04C/22C 1250 m4,101.05 ft
213 m698.819 ft
grass /
04L/22R 1219 m3,999.344 ft
152 m498.688 ft
grass /
04R/22L 1250 m4,101.05 ft
213 m698.819 ft
grass /
12/30 1097 m3,599.081 ft
171 m561.024 ft
grass /
14L/32R 1372 m4,501.312 ft
277 m908.793 ft
grass /
14R/32L 1372 m4,501.312 ft
277 m908.793 ft
grass /

Terlet Airfield is a small airfield in the Netherlands 2.5 nm4,630 m
4.63 km
15,190.289 ft
north of Arnhem in Gelderland and close to Deelen Air Base. It is used mainly by gliders and motor gliders, as well as some light aircraft, mainly used as tugs for the gliders. It has six grass winchtracks.


Temperate Marine climate/Oceanic climate (Köppen climate classification Cfb). Moderately cool summer and comparatively warm winter with a temperature range of only 14°C57.2 °F
287.15 K
516.87 °R
. Prevailing south-westerly winds from the Atlantic Ocean.



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